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Android market is growing at a faster pace not just globally but in India as well. With the increasing number of mobile users, Android technology is getting better and better with every passing year. From a small firm to large business houses, everyone is taking the help of Android apps to expand their reach and grab more and more customers. Consequently, there is a dire need for Android programmers and developers to bring in new ideas and innovations in this rapidly developing domain. We at Infotachus, offer cost efficient android app development services that are world-class and in sync with the changing times. Since we are an Android App development company, thus we have expertise in developing e-commerce, educational, enterprise, and utility, etc. Android applications.

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Experienced Team

Our team of experienced and talented professionals is skilled in developing apps for android software. They hold the required skill-set that goes into the making of such software. From the very inception in the year 2015, we have been playing an influential role in the Android mobile App development market to render the customized solutions that are in compliance with the client’s individual project demand. As a result, within a span of 1.5 years, we have established ourselves as one of the best Android app development companies in India. We have pledged to meet the diverse needs of all our clients and provide them the latest technology.

Cost Effective

We strive to provide Android app development at an affordable price through modern technologies, methodologies, and strategies. We completely understand that every firm has a different budget for their IT set-ups. Not everyone can spend massive amounts for their IT infrastructure and other services. Therefore, we understand the client requirement and the budgetary constraint and provide them with solutions that can be adjusted in their allocated amount. Our IT professionals never send anyone back disappointment and disheartened and offer value-adding services to all. Hence, if you are looking for Android app for your business on a modest budget, do not wander and get in touch with us. We will give you solutions as per your business needs that will be profitable for you.

Latest Technology

We at Infotachus, consider the variety of Android devices used by our clients. Hence, we come up with app designs that are compatible with different devices that customers usually use, to ensure a better user experience. We incorporate UX and UI Android App development to deliver high-quality applications. Not only this, but we also aim to develop apps that can be easily updated in future if required. Thus, the flexibility of the application is one important factor that we keep in mind while developing and Android App.
Options for your best matched Customizations


We are an expert in delivering customized Android App services that you can integrate as per your business needs and requirements. We have expertise in developing Apps for the following:





Travels and Tours


Health-care and much more

You can get in touch for developing an Android app for your business if the quality is what you are seeking!


We take care of minute details while developing Android Apps and our talented team uses the best programming and development frameworks, tools, NDK/SDK, IDE, etc. for Android Platform. Following are some of the significant parameters of the process involved:

We create customized mobile app that suits each business

We create visually stimulating apps that entice users

Android application development process also includes the creation of Plug-ins and extensions to strengthen the functionality of the app.

The apps that we develop undergo rigorous testing and training tests, plus the quality checks for integration and validation before we make it live for the client.

You can easily deploy the app by connecting the data and other resources with the app.

To make a hassle-free arrangement for you, we provide maintenance and support for your app after its successful deployment.


Neither we make tall claims nor do we hide anything from our customers. We maintain complete transparency from the start till end and involve our clients at each stage of development. We provide them the blueprint of the technology and processes that will be used in developing applications thereby being honest with every customer. Client feedback is yet another important parameter that we consider to grow in the field of Information Technology. We expect timely feedback from our customers and assimilate their ideas and concepts to evolve our work. Also, our customer relationship managers ensure a regular flow of information to our clients about the work in progress and the minor as well as major details of their projects. Anyone can connect with the respective client relationship manager at any stage of their project development and get the details.

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We Build Creative & Beautiful Apps

We are a devoted IT service provider with Android app development as one of our core strengths. Though we have been around for just 1.5 years the trust and faith that people has shown is beyond comparison and is itself a reward for our consistent hard work. We develop, design and deploy Andriod apps that are not just functionally superior but are equally captivating and attractive for the users. We have a group of talented and skilled professionals who develop high-quality apps that stand tall in the Indian Android Market. Our experts take care of every step thoroughly and minutely-be it ideation, writing codes or user interface design. Hence, what we offer is THE BEST and do not compromise with the quality in whatsoever situation. Our created applications are being used by many of our clients who are satisfied and come for more and more services related to Information and Technology domain.

We Build Creative & Beautiful Apps

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