Every business needs to chalk out a plan and do a thorough analysis of various aspects to proceed further. In a similar fashion, they need to do an in-depth study before aiming for a web structure that can suit their needs. We at Infotachus perform a detailed analysis before starting any project. Following are some of the key points to help you understand the process better:
  • We make our clients understand the functionality of the different software, the inputs that will be needed for each and the expected output of the same.
  • We help you write the Specification document.
  • A complex project needs to be further divided into simpler processes, and therefore our experts simplify the processes and keep a hawk’s eye on each and every step to get the desired result.
  • Some other details that we never overlook are:

    resource estimation


    Possible problems associated with each stage of development.

    List of technologies that can be used in a given project

    Recommendations for the processes

  • Consulting with Clients
    Consulting with Clients
    Both Public and Private sector firms and businesses approach us with different requirements. We provide end-to-end customized solutions based on customer needs and thus come out with tailored products that suit business functions.
    You can consult us for the following requirements for your business:
  • Website Design
  • Website Redesign
  • Email Templates
  • Custom Info graphics design
  • Social Media strategy
  • Content Management
  • Catalogue or E-Brochure design
  • Internet Marketing
  • Product development
  • Website Maintenance and much more

  • Our expertise lies in the following domains
  • Platforms such as client-server, ASP, desktop, midrange, and mainframe
  • Development platforms such as Java, .Net and Net Beans
  • Operating systems such as Unix, Windows NT, Linux, and MVS
  • ERP
  • CRM or Customer Relationship Management
  • Project Management
  • Programming languages viz. C#, Java, XML, Visual Basic
  • Database systems such as MS SQL Server, Oracle, and My-SQL
  • Training
    We understand that every business cannot outsource the software experts for IT related needs. Also, that every firm needs to have their technical experts that can take care of the in-house IT requirements. Hence, we provide customized training to fit your needs and groom your professionals in the IT domain. Our professional training for IT experts includes training your staff for the following areas:
  • We provide training for Software, databases, etc.
  • Our professional trainers impart user training for basic IT skills as well as products
  • We know this very well that security is one of the vital parameters in designing a successful website. No business wants a web-platform that lacks necessary security settings. Thus, keeping this fact in mind our trainers provide Security awareness training for workers about the security risks and measures to prevent unnecessary breaks in your company’s IT performance and infrastructure. Such a training session is also essential to prevent any information leakage via notorious hackers and tech-experts, misuse of IT equipment, etc.
  • Method of training in Infotachus
    Choose from a wide array of Options for your best matched Customizations
    Choose from a wide array of Options for your best matched Customizations
    The world of IT is vast. Therefore, all the organizations need to develop and upgrade the skill set of their employees to keep up with the pace of the changing trends. Old concepts and ideas become obsolete with the passage of time and thus do not remain fruitful to the businesses. Keeping this in mind, we develop curriculum and training modules that cover all the relevant topics necessary to build the expertise of the working professionals. Our programs inculcate a deeper understanding of IT requirements in the minds of the pupils so that they can work towards a common goal of smooth functioning across all the domains of the organization.
    The in-house team of our clients is rigorously trained by our industry stalwarts to uplift their knowledge base. The learners are given vast knowledge about various IT domains and associated processes. Additionally, they are further encouraged to disseminate their knowledge to their friends and other professionals.
    Our software professionals have a detailed understanding of the latest software & tools, and thus, they offer you the complete solutions for all kinds of IT processes and applications. Our training courses are designed in such a way so as to provide the in-depth knowledge to the learners and develop their overall knowledge bank. Total commitment and dedication are the tools that we incorporate to ensure client growth in the market. Our training modules cover the following topics in detail:

    1.Network administration and engineering:

  • Designing networks
  • Implementation networks
  • Troubleshooting networks
  • Data centre
  • Network security
  • Storage
  • Networking
  • 2.Systems administration and engineering:

  • Desktop support
  • IT Security
  • Server administration
  • System administration
  • Virtualization
  • 3.Programming and development:

  • Database administration
  • 4.
    “Practice makes a man perfect” is an apt saying that holds significance in our day –to-day lives. Gaining theoretical knowledge is of no use until and unless that knowledge is implemented in a real-time functioning environment. Our training sessions aim at honing the practical knowledge of the learners, and for this, they get an easy lab access wherein they can apply what they have learned.

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